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Acrylic Paints


Art Studio 
by Valentina Bilbao

Kids Painting Class

Our Mission

At ColourArt Studio by Valentina Bilbao, our mission is to create a safe space where all kids are welcome to express their creative sides. We believe in unlocking the artist within them, through classes where they can apply creativity. 


We teach kids new techniques through which they can express themselves; acquiring art vocabulary and art knowledge while in an immersive learning environment. The goal is to develop intellectual processes like imagination, concentration, memory, and observation, among others. Doing so in a space that nurtures while challenging the student’s artistic development, providing motivation through the experience.

Colorful Paints

Valentina Bilbao

Hi parents! I am Valentina Bilbao, an international artist. Art has been my lifelong passion, starting with opening my first art studio for children when I was 18, and to learn the best way to transmit my knowledge to kids, I studied child psychology. Afterward, I pursued my career as an international artist for what has now been 25 years.


I am pleased to announce the opening of my first art studio in Town Center, Weston; where children have the space to develop artistic ability.  To learn more about me, visit my website:


Painting Lessons

A place where your kid has the space to enrich their creative self through technical and individualized approaches to new art projects. Color Art by Valentina Bilbao offers artistic exploration and expression, while bomding with old and new friends. By the end of each month, students will bring home their masterpieces, as well as their understanding of artistic techniques and representatives of different artistic movements.